Meeting of the SABIC with the Slovak President Andrej Kiska

The working lunch of the representatives of the Slovak American Business and Innovation Council (SABIC) with the Slovak president A. Kiska took place in New York on 20th September 2016. The president of SABIC, former ambassador to Slovakia T. Sedgwick introduced the objectives of the new organization which was formed in May of this year as a platform for US businesses active in Slovakia and Slovak businesses entering the US market.

The main ambition of SABIC is to deepen trade and investment between Slovakia and US and also to help improve the Slovak innovation ecosystem through bilateral cooperation. Among the founding members are some of the most successful examples of Slovak – US business cooperation such as ATT, Honeywell, Virtual Reality Media and ESET. Representatives of these companies spoke about their activities and plans in Slovakia, which they continue to see as a business friendly country with future potential. One of the challenges that they think Slovakia needs to address is making sure the education better reflects the need of the business environment, namely in technical and IT sector.

President Kiska expressed his full support for SABIC which he described as a channel through which connections and cooperation between businesses as well as universities in Slovakia can be encouraged – “Promoting Slovakia as a business friendly and innovative country is one of my top priorities and I believe that SABIC has the potential to positively contribute to these efforts”.